Public Statement from Lewis Center Sharks, Inc. Founder and President, Shawn M Richardson

Sadly, most of those who follow the sports world heard the athlete testimony today, which concluded the Larry Nassar hearings framing the tragedy through the eyes of the victims and survivors. The testimony heard today drove me to bring our leaders together at a moments notice because we are ALL just that, leaders. Although we pride ourselves on providing a “safe” environment for our athletes to grow as future leaders of America, Mr. Hatfield and myself personally owe it to our board of directors and families to ensure we are ALL aware. For our new families and existing, we want remind everyone our volunteer leaders are vigorously vetted through yearly FBI & BCI background checks too include an extensive interview/hiring process. Our leaders are also required to complete an extensive training and mentorship program. With that said, we called a mandatory meeting for all of our staff to discuss this topic and how our body of leaders can continue the ‘safe’ opportunity’s for our athletes to pursue their dreams.

While we use our motto “Its More Than Softball” to support our “why” we do what we do, there’s also the purpose of each leader within our organization and their “why” they want to make a difference. Twenty years from now, our athletes will look back and remember the lasting impact of their coach’s. We will NOT fail them. Thank you for listening and thank you for giving us the opportunity to make a difference in each of your daughter’s lives.


Shawn M Richardson
President & General Manager
Lewis Center Sharks, Inc.
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